Why Network Marketing?

Before you step into Network Marketing, you might be wondering why do it. It’s the “WHY” that matters more than the “HOW”. Let’s do a comparison of a Network Marketer with being an employee, employer and an investor.

Network Marketer
Freedom of Time A typical job gives you a 9-to-5 lifestyle If you are a self-employed, be prepared to sell your soul 24/7 to your business Relatively free Initially, much effort is required to acquire more knowledge and to build a network. Subsequently, when the network runs by itself, theoretically, you are financially free
Knowledge Salary is determined by paper qualifications Need to have business knowledge Knowledge in finance and investing and good sentiments of market Through the guided business structure, you can learn as you earn. Earnings not confined to qualification level
Capital NA High startup cost when physical rental of shop is required Sum of money required to invest Relatively lower. However, it depends on the company policy whether repeat purchases are required
Risk Retrenchment Business Failure Loss of investment Loss of membership fee
Control Little or none. Subjected to Employer Lots of it. Dependent on stock market performance Subjected to company’s policy and restrictions to the methods in conducting the business
Asset Accumulation Building the asset of Employer Increase if business model is good Increase Increase as network expands.


Other reasons why people participate in network marketing include:

– utilising the power of leverage
– get paid by effort instead of by time

However, Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Please refer to the common criticisms of Network Marketing.

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