The 10 Commandments of MLM

As Sandy shared with me more about her experience working in a MLM company, my interest started intensifying as well. Thus, she introduced me to her sister, as well upline, Mandy. (Upline normally refers to the person who recommended you in to the MLM company or the one guiding you along.)

Candy explained to me that there is usually a system whereby salespeople in MLM follow so as to maintain and grow their network. The system is also to ensure proper functioning of the business. One of it would be the 10 commandments which every salesperson should refrain from committing.

The first commandment is being faithful to one company. Often, we may encounter a salesperson who represents many different companies. It might be no wonder that this particular salesperson does not become successful because MLM is just like marriage. If you have a lot of partners, would you be able to maintain all your relationships?

The second commandment is following the footsteps of one’s upline and not coming up with new ideas. Should there be creative suggestions, one should discuss with his/her upline. The reason is simply because one’s upline has already been through a number of obstacles in this career and would understand better the ways to get to success.

The third commandment is spreading negative comments to one’s upline and sharing positive comments with everyone. The explanation for not telling one’s downline negative comments is because he/she might not be able to handle the news and hence lose confidence in the company. (Downline refers to the person that one recommends in or guides along in the company.)

The fourth commandment is never criticising an upline, the company or product in front of a downline. As the saying goes, “The you tomorrow will be the me today”. If one does not wish for one’s downline to do the same to them, he/she should abstain from doing too.

The fifth commandment is taking one step at a time. The key to success in MLM is actually to repeat doing the right things everyday. One should not expect to achieve success if one is a person who works diligently for a day and rests for two days. Therefore, do not dream of attaining success in one day but through being hardworking for a period of time.

The sixth commandment is avoiding money conflicts while the seventh commandment is avoid having relationships within the network. These two commandments are linked together because they will affect the growth of a network when committed. Not only will they harm working relationships, it might disrupt the harmony within the network.

The eighth commandment is embracing the people who laugh at, look down upon one with grace. Today, MLM is a career with love and so, one should not bear grudge against the people who discouraged him/her. These people probably lost focus of their dreams and one should try to assist them in finding their dreams back.

The ninth commandment is solving problems rationally and not emotionally. Many times, one’s emotions can affect his/her thinking and this would result in a bad decision being made. Therefore, one should always cool down to settle a problem. One would also have to put the network’s interests before self if necessary.

The last commandment is not complaining and not giving up. The reason for failure is mostly because the salespeople chose to surrender to the obstacles in their paths to success. If one remains passionate and determined daily, it is difficult to defeat his/her will to want to succeed. Remember, you could be just a stone’s throw away to success when you raise the white flag!

With the follow through of these 10 commandments, one should be able to maintain and grow his/her network better. I hope these 10 commandments had been useful and I wish those who are in or going into this career, success.

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