Market Listing Strategy

Just as it is important for a traditional business to do market research and understand the needs of the market, it is equally important for a networker to understand his market. This can be done via Market Listing.

People around us can be classified into 3 types of market — Hot, Warm and Cold.

Hot Market includes family members, relatives and close friends.

Warm Market includes other friends, acquaintance, colleagues or college mates.

Cold Market includes strangers.

The reason why you joined this network marketing company should be that you like the product and have benefited from it. If so, you would most probably like to benefit your dearest first. Hence, one should first approach one’s Hot Market first. Besides, facing rejection from your family members and close friends gives one sufficient training to deal with possible harsher rejections from other markets. The ultimate aim is to tap into the cold market via your warm market and hot market.

We also need to assess the needs of the market. No point selling air conditioner in Antarctica right? Therefore, we should also categorise people based on their needs.

Difficulty Type – This group includes people who are facing financial difficulties or are running debt and would best benefit from the platform of network marketing in helping themselves.

Growth Type – This group comprises of opportunists who want to develop themselves. People who are interested in learning the ropes of business should be included as well.

Contented Type – People who are satisfied with what they are and would be reluctant to change the current situation, even if there is a guaranteed money making opportunity.

The tip is to approach Difficulty Type and Growth Type first.

With a market listing, it makes doing the MLM business easier. For a networker, the market listing is the whole business.

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