Income = Value x Time x Scalability

To boost your income in network marketing, you need to understand the Income Equation:

Income = Value x Time x Scalability

To increase your income then, it requires you to increase your value, time and scalability.

Value: Understand where is your standing at present. Are you still only bringing in appointments for your upline to present plan? Or are you presenting plan yourself already? As you increase your knowledge in the plan, platform and product, you increase your value at the same time. When you have a higher value, you will definitely increase your income range.

Time: You might be spending all the evenings in the week with your network marketing business, but quantity of time is not what we are referring to here. Quality of time is the one that matters! And Quality of time means the time you commit to valuable or productive activities. When you increase the the quality of time spent in your business, you will surely see your income rise.

Scalability: Initially you start off the business by closing sales one by one. When you derive more experience and knowledge, you will then proceed on to the stage and close sales by the dozens, hundreds or perhaps thousands. Pick up public-speaking. Train yourself starting with a small crowd and then slowly increasing your crowd. When you step foot on the stage, you will be able to sell your product to a greater group of people and your income will soar!

So how do we proceed from here?

Increase your time, value and scalability factors and prepare as your income rises exponentially!

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