How to Make Appointments

The first lesson for every network marketers is in making appointments. In order to achieve financial freedom or to attain leverage, you would need to make appointments. It is important to optimise your success rate of making an appointment when you call out to your friends to leave a good impression and to build trust. At this stage you should have already done up your market listing. Refer to your market listing when making appointments.

  1. Use the Phone

    Avoid using SMS/Email/MSN to make appointments because this would take a long time of waiting and might not give you the optimal response. Speak with enthusiasm and excitement since you are going to share a business opportunity with him.

    At a start, you should also avoid making appointments face-to-face as your knowledge is still limited and your friend might lose trust when they see your lack of confidence. Using the phone, you can seek help from your upline when questions are fielded to you. Also, you have absolute control and can excuse yourself from the call and get back to your friend once you are done.

  2. K.I.S.S

    Keep it Short & Simple. A long conversation would bore your prospect. Build up the curiousity of the business opportunity and keep it there, so that your prospect would be willing to meet you and check it out himself.

  3. Break Ice

    Find out what your prospect has been doing and how has he been. Getting straight to the point could be awkward and create fear in your prospect that you are up to no good. If you find that it had been a long time since you called this prospect, you might want to make an appointment in another call another day.

  4. Fact Find

    Aim to gather information from your prospect indirectly.

    Family – Show your concern and ask about his family. This would prevent you from hurting him when you mention about his deceased family member.

    Occupation – Listen to any grievances from his job. Note them down as it would be useful when persuading him to join MLM instead.

    Recreation – Has he got time to participate in MLM? You can also get to know him better through getting to know his hobbies and commitments.

    Money – What category of consumer could he belong to? Premium member or Basic Member? Purchasing power? Get this information candidly through conversation.

    Your F.O.R.M. would be useful in closing your sales.

  5. 2 Choose 1

    Do you like Coffee or Tea? You might choose either one, but is that your favourite beverage? Might not be.

    By offering your prospect to choose from 2 options, you are limiting his options and in control of the situation. Never offer a YES or NO option. Instead, try the following:

    – Shall we meet on Wednesday or Friday? — Day
    – Shall we meet at the morning or evening? — Time
    – Train Station or Bus Stop? — Venue

  6. Avoid the 3 Ps

    Plan – Build the curiousity. Revealing the plan would remove the incentive for your prospect to meet you.

    Platform – Don’t mention your company. Your prospect would certainly do a search on the Net and obtain enough information and do not need to meet you. Also, the negative comments online could affect you as well.

    Product – Your prospect would think you are trying to sell him products which is not what you intended to over the phone.

  7. Confirmation

    Do a summary. E.g. “Nice talking to you. So we shall meet on this coming Friday, 10am at the City Hall station. Any changes just give me a call okay?”

Note: 1/3 rule: In every 3 calls made, 1 would pick up. In every 3 pick up, 1 would meet you for appointment. In every 3 that comes, 1 would join. In every 3 that joins, 1 would persist. In every 3 that persist, 1 would succeed.

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