How to Grow and Maintain Your Network

A network either grows or shrinks , it is almost impossible for it to remain the same as time flies. Nevertheless, there are ways which can minimise the loss of salespeople , especially when they are just newbie. I will now share with you some of the tips I received from the training held in Sandy ‘s MLM company last week.

Grow MLM Network
Growing your Network

“The key to keeping your downlines by your side is to balance wealth and relationship .” The speaker named Nicole, then went on to explain why that is so. When one has wealth and no relationship, almost nothing can stop him/her from expanding his/her network and sales volume. However, he/she might isolate himself/herself away from the team such that the network slowly disperses with everyone working individually. This is not an outcome everyone wishes to see.

On the other hand, one can be very bonded to the team and the unity is as strong as gold. Salespeople fight side by side for their sales and growth of network. Nonetheless, without any results from the constant fighting , the spirits may start to diminish. Then slowly, salesperson leaves one by one because he/she is not earning enough to afford his/her lifestyle . Not everyone can persevere for very long, especially when facing hardships. Therefore, when one has wealth and relationship, one will be able to stay on with the team for long.

Of course, it is also important to educate one’s downlines about this career. If possible, one can share with his/her downlines s everal reasons why he/she chose this career . When facing hard times, one can share with his/her downlines why they have to persevere instead of giving up . Do not neglect these small details because it is these reasons that helped many persevere in this career till today. Should the reasons given by the salespeople be unable to convince them to stay on, it is time to find a new reason to keep the fighting spirit on .

As advised by Nicole, one should also make 2 calls everyda y, 1 to an upline and the other to a downline . He/she should also call 2 clients daily to maintain a good partnership with them. Giving out 2 name cards to new acquaintances is to assist one in expanding his/her network while looking at 2 reasons to do MLM will motivate one to persist on. One should also establish 6 things – Dream ; concept of human value, belief in the company, product and upline ; right mentality ; setting a goal and creating activities ; and helping a downline to achieve his short term goal .

One should encourage his/her downline to participate actively in company events as well. For instance, if there is any company function going on, be it local or overseas, one should tee up about the activity and emphasise why it is important to be present. Candy and Sandy will never miss out on any event because they believe new knowledge could be imparted during these functions. Furthermore, it would also be good for them to have a feel of how it is like to be involved rather than being an onlooker. “Think about it, would you rather join in the fun or would you prefer being left out? If given a choice, I would definitely be part of the event then out of it because you never know what you are missing put!” Nicole stressed to the audience.

The last pointer given by Nicole during the training is for one to ask his/her downlines to carry out duplication. This will then assist the downlines in growing their sales volume and network too. May these tips be of use to the readers and I wish all success in this career.

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