How to Excel Above Mediocrity

Ever wonder how you could be different from others? How do you actually excel above mediocrity and achieve results? Well, this article would hopefully give you some useful pointers in doing that.

Convert FEAR into ENERGY

To be different from others, you need to do what others fear to do. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. Look at your fellow network marketers. If they fear public speaking, volunteer and do it! If they fear cold-calling, you do it first! That way, you are able to venture into a new market outside the reach of your fellow network marketers.

Curiousity is only the Beginning. Belief is the Fuel for Success

When you encounter a new concept, you would feel extremely excited for a very brief period of time. To sustain yourself and continue pushing forward, you have to commit yourself and believe in whatever you are doing. Believe that what you are doing is wrong, should be done, and must be done. A strong belief would then be the fuel for Success!

3 Must-Have Habits more useful than Highly Decorated Certificates

1) Read Self Help and Motivational Books
2) Daily Exercise for fitness and to train endurance
3) Discipline in keeping good health

Commitment vs Continual Commitment

Finally, what makes a man ordinary and extraordinary is the commitment level. Commitment is not good enough. Continual Commitment is the keyword!

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