How to Boost Your Sales

After the training which I sat in last week, I met up with Nicole for lunch so that I can get to understand MLM even better. “How can salespeople boost their sales? Is there any tips to it as well?” I asked out of curiosity. “Well, have you heard of the 3 S’s and R’s of MLM ?” Nicole replied. I shook my head for an answer and Nicole went on to share with me what are the 3 S’s and R’s of MLM.

The first S stands for sales . While doing sales, a salesperson should never have the mentality that he/she is earning a friend’s money . Recall the reason why one got convinced into using this particular product or service at the start. This could be the reason why one wishes to recommend the product of service to his/her friend. A salesperson should also not use begging to pursue his/her friend in consumption of a product or service . If the product or service is good for consumption, one should emphasise on its benefits and not beg others to buy. Begging would only degrade the product or service.

Boosting MLM
Boosting MLM Sales

Another pointer is that one should not fear being rejected because fear is simply just false evidence appearing real . To conquer this fear, the solution is to get used to rejection. This way, one will become more confident in promoting the product or service and has a higher chance of clinching the deal. Remember, find out about the need and value of the product or service so as to convince the potential consumer further. Then, let confidence triumph over fear and one is on his/her way to closing a deal.

The second S represents sponsoring . As the saying goes, “A good general is better than 1,000 soldiers.” While building a network can be easy, maintaining a network is not so. What we are seeking at the end of the day, are warriors and not just plain soldiers. Thus, there is a need to train up the salespeople and to select the key man who can assist you in establishing a strong and healthy network. For newbie, they can start off with making a market listing, followed by appointments and then closings . When salespeople become inactive, it is time to bring in new salespeople to keep the network growing. Salespeople should also work hand in hand with the company’s systems to maximise development of the network. Setting a good example for downlines to duplicate is important as well. This includes attending company functions and bringing appointments.

The last S refers to servicing . In order to do well in this career, servicing plays a key role. Today, when one recommends a friend or relative into this career, he/she has the responsibility of taking good care of this downline. Having been through it herself, Nicole told me there are several stages a salesperson goes through in this career. The first stage would be the excitement period where one is eager to achieve a lot through the company platform.

Slowly, he/she will find problems arising one by one and this is the endurance period where most give up because they cannot hang in there long enough. After endurance, there will come the growth period and harvesting period where one develops into a leader and reaps what one sowed earlier on. Eventually, one will attain independence and he/she can now act on his/her own without much consultation of the uplines. As salespeople can be lost easily at the endurance period, one should focus on keeping the last downline with him/her so as to minimise loss of salespeople.

The 3 R’s of MLM simply stand for recharge , reward and recognition . Recharge is to have a renewal of energy by relaxation with team mates. Example, one can take a break after fighting for a period by going out with the network to bond and rejuvenate. Reward can be given when one accomplishes a mission so as to motivate one in aiming to achieve another target set for him/her. Recognition includes giving big encouragements even to only small achievements so that one will be inspired to strive on and fight for greater accomplishments.

These 3 S’s and R’s of MLM have enlightened me and I hope they have been beneficial to the readers. I wish all success in this career.

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