Everything is Big in Texas

Tom’s friends were telling him about how everything is large in Texas and asked him to come over. Tom didn’t believe it at all and intended to check it out for himself.

When he alighted at Texas airport, he was amazed at how BIG the airport was. Outside the airport, a limousine with ten doors came to pick him up. His jaw dropped when he saw how BIG the limousine was.

The limousine ferried him to the hotel where his friends were already waiting. They then headed to the restaurant to have their dinner. Looking at the menu, having in mind that everything is BIG in Texas, Tom decided to choose the smallest sized steak. However, when it was served, the steak was so BIG that he could only manage to finish eating a quarter of it.

Delighted and impressed with the BIG-ness of Texas, he excused himself to the toilet. He walked to the middle of the hotel lobby and shouted “Everything is Big in Texas” and then began to unzip and urinate.

“Tom! What are you doing?” his friends shouted. “That’s the fountain, not the urinal!”


In Network Marketing, it is important to cast all your belief into the system and believe that it would work. Sometimes you need to see something to believe it, this applies to your clients too. When you see the successful network marketers in your company, you would then believe that you can also make it in this field.

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