Did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone?

When we were young, our science teacher most likely told us that the inventor of the telephone is none other than Alexander Graham Bell. But is that really the case?1876

Alexander Bell submitted his patent in 1876. However, as early as 1834, Antonio Meucci had already named and created the first working telephone. Even though the telephone then could not properly transmit conversations across the line, the creation formed significant foundation for Alexander Bell. Meucci’s evidence in this case was disputed due to lack of material evidence of his inventions as his working models were reportedly lost at the Western Union laboratory.

That was not the only challenge Alexander Bell faced. While he was working on his invention, another scientist Elisha Gray was also working on his version of the telephone. The patent caveats of both parties were submitted on the same day and there were considerable debates on who came first. Eventually it was Bell’s caveat that came first and he received the patent of the telephone.

This case study of the invention of the telephone provides us an important inspirational pointer. Without strong persistence, Bell wouldn’t be able to be known as the inventor of the telephone as we know today. He encountered more than 50 other lawsuits and managed to win all of them. And therefore his legacy prevails…

What about you? Have you been giving up frequently? After reading the story of the invention of the telephone, I hope that you would be motivated to keep your course and wish you success!

For those keen to find out more about the History of the Telephone, you can follow this link: http://inventors.about.com/od/bstartinventors/a/telephone.htm

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