Believe with a Strong Belief

Many a times, we get showered down by passing comments from people on the things we do. In whatever you do, be it network marketing or holding a salaried job, you need to have a strong belief. A Strong Belief in the company, the system, your products and services. This will then keep you going strong when times are hard.

But how strong a belief is strong enough? Well, read the following story…

Tom and Jane are a married couple. Tom loves to read and watch anything related to vampires. He loves vampires to the extent that one day, he revealed to Jane that he was a vampire and only wanted to drink blood for dinner.

Jane then opened the windows and allow the sun rays to shine in. Tom immediately hid below the dining table and shouted for Jane to shut the windows. “I am a vampire. I will get burnt by the sun!”

Jane began to get worried with her husband. Finally, she decided to bring him to a psychologist. Tom wore a hood and sunglasses to avoid contact with the sun. The psychologist then told Tom, “Vampires do not have blood in their bodies. Now let me see whether you have it.”

The psychologist then used a syringe to extract blood from Tom. To everyone’s amaze, Tom yelled, “Wow! New Discovery! Vampires do indeed have blood in their bodies!”

A Strong Belief is what Tom portrayed. Even when everyone around you proves that what you are doing is wrong and cannot work out, you go on to believe. Believe with a Strong Belief.

How do you believe with a strong belief?

Well, in the network marketing context, attending more of the product training and systems training would give you a clearer picture of the whole platform. Ask questions and get them resolved. Set yourself a target and no one shall sway you from your path. With a strong belief, you can then prevent yourself from accepting failure easily…

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