5 Types of Networkers you need in your Group

1) Bond Builders

This is the type of people that you need if you want your group to be united. Bond builders make newcomers feel at home and let them know each other in the group. This way, a team spirit and culture could be shaped which could help in improving group performance. Having them also prevents your group members from giving up once they can’t manage to maintain their sales quota.

2) Shoppers

These are the people that have a need for the products that your company is selling. Their repeat sales could guarantee you an income even if you do not have a substantial network. So, do service the shoppers well.

3) Newbies

Network Marketing is not sales. In order to build your future dreams of financial freedom, you would need to ensure a constant inflow of new blood. Failing to see new faces in the team would, in the long run, be demoralising for your group members.

4) Recruiters

Recruiters have good trust from his peers. When recruiters promote their own platform to his friends, they would give him in trust fully and embark on it. You would need to give constant encouragement and incentives for recruiters to keep them coming.

5) Leaders

These keymen could take the lead even without your presence, thereby leaving off loads from your shoulders.

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